Wedding stiyles

Wedding in the spring style

Spring is the time of love and romance. Wedding in the Czech Republic in the spring - it means beautiful castles, surrounded by fresh greens and fragrant flowers. White like snow Hluboka nad Vltavou, lacy Lednice, fairy-tale Bouzov and Ceervena Lhota, lush palace or Kromeriz gardens are especially beautiful in the spring. You have to choose one of the places that will be the embodiment of the spring wedding of your dreams. Dressed in an airy light dress, decorating the head with delicate flowers, taking your loved one's hand, you will pass to the altar, sprinkled with petals of flowers, to say the cherished words of love.

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Wedding - winter style

Cold winter morning, one when you do not want to wake up, it's still dusk outside... Softly reaching out, you will smile - the world's finest dress is waiting in the closet, and the most important day is ahead - your wedding day in a magical winter style.

What is unique about winter? It combines the warmth of the hot fragrant glint-wine and the freshness of the frost day, the premonition of the holiday and the fabulous scenery around, the soft warmth of the thousands of lit candles on the rite and the delicacies of the Christmas table. And, perhaps - most importantly - the space for the embodiment of the most daring wedding scenarios - after all, before the Christmas everything is possible!

Wedding in a chivalry style

Czech Republic is an ideal country for a wedding in a knights (or medieval) style. To organize this unique and exciting holiday everything is available:

  • Medieval rich castles and picturesque ruins.
  • Availability of the organization of a unique event.
  • In the Czech Republic, the theme of medieval tournaments is very popular, they are held at different times of the year around castles, where few hundred years ago lived real knights. We cooperate with the Czech knights commonwealth, who help us to create an atmosphere of the Middle Ages into details.
  • The opportunity to organize a knight's feast right in the castle, or in a restaurant with ancient interiors. For centuries, the traditions of preparing dishes from the Middle Ages have been preserved and carefully preserved in the Czech Republic. You will be offered a piglet baked on a spit, or venison under cranberry-spruce sauce, the famous Czech amber beer will be served.



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