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After years of living together, loving spouses often return to the memories of the beginning of a life together: the first meeting, the first trip together, and, of course, the wedding day ... Photos help refresh memories, make them bright, so it's important that these "documents of your relations "adequately reflect precious moments. So, what do you need to consider when choosing a photographer?

What style of photography is most suited for you? Before you start to study examples of work of photographers, think about what style of photography you are close to: traditional, natural, more expressive, or "glossy", which you often see on the covers of the magazines. Having started to revise the portfolio of photographers, note in what color range the photographer usually takes pictures, more "cold" winter-summer, or "warm" spring-autumn scale. After all, if you like the work of a photographer who chooses the style of a photo in cold colors, note that such photos in the autumn can look grim. In the summer heat or rich in colors spring, on the contrary, as if slightly misty bluish shades in the photo will look gentle and elegant.

What should you discuss with the photographer at the first acquaintance? Let's say you selected a few photographers, whose works you like. Now it is very important to communicate with each of them, correspondence by e-mail is worse compared to a conversation (via Skype or a personal meeting). Of course, primarily, "standard" questions about the experience of work in general, and about the place of your wedding ceremony. It is very important to understand whether you like the photographer as a person, whether it's easy for you to communicate with him. Personal sympathy here will only be a plus, because you have to spend enough time on your wedding day, trust his words and requests ...

How many hours do I need for a photo session abroad? First decide for yourself whether you want to capture the "preparations" of the bride, wedding dinner? How many hours do you want to "dedicate" for a wedding walk? For example, if you take a tour of the most beautiful places in Prague, then the photographer should order at least four hours, if you choose one of the castles for a wedding walk, then you may well have three hours.

So, we consider:
1 hour - bride's preparation
1 - 2 hours - ceremony + photo in interiors
2-3 hours - wedding walks
1 hour - wedding dinner

Turns out, that the minimum you will need is 3-4 hours of shooting. But we sincerely advise you not to save on the photographer, because the photos are perhaps the only memory that you will have left from your beautiful wedding abroad!

Signature of the contract. Better, and calmer for both sides, when all important points are in writing. Must be specified: the price of shooting, what is included in the price (how many hours will the shooting take, how many photos will you receive as a result, is the price of pictures included in the price, etc.) Also you need to ask who will replace him in case of unforeseen circumstances. It is very important to specify the dates, when you will receive photos after the shooting.

How to prepare for a photo session? You will, of course, discuss the key elements with your photo. A couple of short tips from us: the very beginning, even before buying a wedding dress, take a look at the place of the ceremony and wedding walk. What style of clothes will look the most advantageous in interiors and exteriors? What color and style of face will suit not only you, but be as well in harmony with the surrounding interiors and exteriors?

Love-story abroad. Why not use a wedding trip abroad to shoot your love-story? Beautiful scenery, romantic atmosphere will help you and your loved one to be as natural as possible and focus your attention only on your chosen one. In addition, during the filming of Love-story, both you and the photographer will have unlimited space for creativity, and it will be less formal than at the wedding. After choosing the script for love-story talk with the photographer about "details" you will need to prepare to perform your ideas. You will have more time to prepare them.

On the pages of our site you can reserve the best photographers, who perform weddings abroad, consult with us about the choice of specific professional and see examples of work.





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