Wedding in Slovakia

Art Hotel Kashtiel - wedding from 2090 EURO

Unique: a luxurious castle complex, which is close to three countries: Poland, Hungary and Austria. The complex harmoniously combines the historical values of several centuries, modern comfort and the provision of all the services that a loving couple might desire.


Distance from Vienna airport: 2 hours drive.

The Castle Hotel Viglash (hotel The Grand Vígľaš ****) - from 2190 EURO

Uniqueness: Viglash Castle is a completely autonomous historical complex, including a hotel, a restaurant, a spa, a hall for celebrations. The castle has a long history. During modern reconstruction, old technologies but with high-quality natural materials, furniture in the historical style were used, the accessories of each castle room were thought to the smallest detail and organically support the status of the castle-hotel.

Distance from Vienna airport: 3 hours drive.

The castle of Bojnice (zamok Bojnice) - from 1250 EURO

Uniqueness: The castle of Bojnice is a pearl and pride of Slovakia. The locals quite rightfully assign several honorary titles at once - the most beautiful castle in Slovakia, the largest castle, the most prestigious place for weddings in Slovakia. Bojnice was built about a millennium ago as a fortress. The building was risen on a high hill surrounded by forests, and opens a sight range to the owners of the fort for tens of kilometers ...

Distance from Vienna airport: 3 hours drive.




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