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Dear friends, we welcome you to our Agency! Our main goal – is to offer a bright and individual holiday - be it a wedding, special occasion, or a corporate event. We specialize in organizing events in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and can confidently guarantee you full control and involvement in all of the smallest details in your Special Day.

Best regards,

Marina, the Owner and Founders of the Agency

So, what can we offer you:

Wedding in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with an exclusive script

  • A beautiful Wedding in Europe in an exclusive location.
  • We select for you only the most exclusive and the most beautiful and romantic palaces, castles and parks.
  • We design and style program for a unique wedding absolutely Free. On the first day of your commitment to the agency you are allocated a personal coordinator who will resolve all of your questions until the end of your Wedding Day.
  • If you do not like any of the offers on our website, we will select for you in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, a place that will respon d 100% to your every wish.
  • A few photos of the wedding in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with an exclusive scenic location.

Registration of marriage for a foreigner in the Czech Republic

  • Czech Republic - the ideal country for the official registration of the marriage with a foreigner;
  • a match made in the Czech Republic is recognized worldwide;
  • a list of documents and registration of a marriage between citizens of different countries in the Czech Republic is often easier than at the birthplace of the bride and groom;
  • registration of marriage in the Czech Republic to a citizen of Israel - the only way to formalize the relationship, if you are not Jewish according to Halacha. Civil marriage in Israel is not permitted;
  • The convenient geographical location of the Czech Republic allows you to easily get there from many points of the globe.

Through our agency you can order:

  • Luxury class apartments in Prague, Bratislava and other cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia;
  • the best photographers and videographers, professional hairdresser and makeup artist, bridal bouquet at the lowest prices;
  • a full range of catering services: visiting the wedding ceremony, wedding party;
  • exclusive wedding dresses and accessories for rental.




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